Light Bulbs.Light Bulbs.

Volkswagen Genuine Light Bulbs.

At night, even people with normal eyesight have only about five percent of their daytime visual capacity and almost half of all fatal accidents happen at night. Adequate road illumination by the vehicle only exists when its lighting system is correctly adjusted and functioning properly.

What happens to light units? Every light unit has its life time. Over time, the ability of the light unit to work efficiently decreases leading to insufficient lighting affecting your ability to see the road.Therefore it is important that you check all your lights for functionality and adjustment regularly. Ask your authorized Volkswagen Service Center if you are insecure about your light bulb condition and adjustment.

The usage of aftermarket/ non-genuine light bulbs will not provide the quality the genuine light bulbs have. They can also cause damage to your headlight and power management control units in your vehicle. Add to that, impairing vehicles moving in opposite traffic.

What we do:

We’ll inspect the condition of all your light bulbs and replace or adjust them after consultation with you.

Why Volkswagen Genuine Light Bulbs?
  • Offer of complete assortment for every Volkswagen model
  • Adapted to all lighting system components
  • Reliable light output and performance
  • LongLife versions available
Make sure to have your vehicle serviced, checked and repaired by an authorized Volkswagen dealer.
The use of non-genuine light units can void your warranty.