Spark Plugs.Spark Plugs.

Volkswagen Genuine Spark Plugs.

Spark plugs are required to ignite a compressed mixture of fuel and air in the combustion chamber at a precisely defined moment. Furthermore they operate in an extreme environment of high temperatures and pressures.

What happens to the spark plugs?

At a certain point, used spark plugs can no longer handle operation. If the spark plugs become worn out, the risk of incomplete combustion and misfiring arises. Over-used spark plugs lead to your vehicle’s lack of performance, potential engine damage and heavier fuel consumption.

Spark plugs differ in dimensions and specification according to engine design from a vehicle to another. Avoid using any aftermarket/ sporty spark plugs for optimum engine performance, fuel consumption, and emission.

What we do:

We inspect them for wear to get a better insight on your engine’s performance. We furthermore replace them with new Volkswagen Genuine Spark Plugs. Replacement Range is from 25,000 km to 45,000 km or 4 years (whichever occurs first)(depending on the vehicle specification, equipment and type of fuel used).

Why Volkswagen Genuine Spark Plugs?
  • Specifically designed for each engine type for peak performance engine operation
  • High degree of resistance to corrosion
  • Stable sparking due to finely designed electrodes
  • Low wear and high durability
  • Very smooth running performance enhances driving comfort
The use of non-genuine spark plugs will cause running problems with your vehicle’s engine. Any damage caused by non-genuine parts will void your warranty. Make sure to check with your authorized Volkswagen dealer for genuine parts.