Wiper Blades.Wiper Blades.

Volkswagen Genuine Wiper Blades.

Wiper blades contribute significantly to traffic safety. Nevertheless, no other safety-related component receives so little attention. They are constantly exposed to several environmental influences like extreme sunlight, heat and dust, insect remains, chemicals and in some regions even frost and ice.

What happens to the wiper blades? Wiper blades wear over time and become less effective. They leave streaks or a dirty film on the windscreen and begin squeaking. By then it’s time to replace your wipers at the latest.
Non-genuine wiper blades doesn’t match the quality, life time and performance of the genuine wiper blades.

What we do:

We check your wiper blades for wear and tear and will let you know before replacing them for you with Volkswagen Genuine Parts® that fit perfectly.

Why Volkswagen Genuine Wiper Blades?
  • Specially optimized for each Volkswagen model
  • The flex rails are perfectly adapted to the curvature of the windscreen to ensure an even contact pressure
  • Fully effective even at high speeds thanks to their aerodynamic form
  • Innovative, protective and smooth glide coating of the rubber
  • Integrated wear indicator which discolours from black to yellow which reminds the driver to replace their wiper blades