Volkswagen Genuine Battery.

The battery is the main source of power to start your engine and also serves as a storage device for the energy produced by the alternator as you drive. Especially on short trips, more electricity is used than is produced by the alternator.

What happens in your battery?
During the extreme summer heat, water in your battery evaporates more quickly. The water level gets lower, which can destroy the battery cells. Especially if you use a lot of electronics, such as DVD player and mobile charging options - your battery gets drained faster. Furthermore summer heat causes metal to expand, which can loosen your battery connections. Therefore it is necessary to get your battery checked by your Volkswagen dealer.

Battery replacements that doesn’t match the vehicle specification may and will overtime cause some electronic functions to stop and not work as expected properly.

What we do:

We may need to replace the battery once it’s not holding its charge anymore.

Why Volkswagen Genuine Battery?

  • Maintenance free
  • Low self-discharge rate
  • Integrated wear indicator (acid level indicator) to check the battery’s condition
  • One year warranty.
Have your vehicle checked by authorized Volkswagen dealer. Any malfunction in any of vehicle’s equipment because of incorrect battery specification are not covered under warranty.